transposition – a german french performance project

transposition 2019

It was the 8th time that this French-German cultural partner program was funded by the Ministry of Arts and Science HESSEN, the German-French youth service DFJW/OFAJE and the Cultural Office Frankfurt. The project Homepage tells sometings about this journey as a“scientific reveal in human nature“ …

Where are we?

This was as usual the opening question for the group. We name the first day always as performer’s arrival and introduction day. If we don’t know where we are, how shall we know where to go?

Who are we?

If we don’t know whom we are with as performers, how shall we play together?

We suggested to use the word performer in the coming ten days, in such a way that there would be no substantial difference between being on „the“ stage or in any other places like over a coffee table, in the kitchen, in outdoor spaces and so on. The only difference is the different play each stage potentially offers and therefore different roles.

In this way of understanding we invited the group to develop an attitude of finding connections between the so called stage and the daily life in a fundamentally creative way, integrating all the other conscious or (until now) unconscious roles like being a father, a mother, a cook, a friend, a servant, a guide…or whatever.

Some of these roles or ‚masks‘ are chosen or just put on (the difference between a chosen fathership or one by accident; being a sister or brother is a role that has been put on us).

Everything we do in and out of the studio has a potential effect on us as performers and each of us should be aware of what’s needed to support my performer-self in order to be clear in every chosen role. And yes: we are heading to meet an audience who will witness our performance at the end of the project.

Beside all the matters around art and stage work, we were about to dive into the basic themes of human and social life: respect, clarity, individual and social needs (the relation between solo and ensemble…), play, creativity, fear and courage… the whole range of human drama including tragedy and comedy.

And as if this weren’t enough stuff to deal with, we share the same house, the kitchen and the bathrooms, which makes us feel again fundamentally connected to the question:

How do we want to live together?

We create our own culture through listening, sharing, playing and more. We make decisions as a group, allowing flexibility and solo-needs. We agree that everybody is on her or his own life journey based on similar or different experiences, circumstances, abilities, tastes, potentials, wishes and perspectives. We share a certain time by our own will and choice.


„If others had not been foolish, we should be so…“ WILLIAM BLAKE

Ferenc Kréti and Jungyeon Kim